Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Is Your SEO campaign Respectful?

Certain SEO techniques go against most search engines terms and conditions. Read this article to make sure your SEO campaign corresponds to the best search engines' policies.

Some sites use questionable techniques to get more clicks from visitors. These techniques are known as black hat SEO and include pop-ups, misleading titles, content written solely for SEO purposes, spams and using leads not acquired in a legitimate way. In most cases, these sites make their money by getting clicks from internet users, for instance through offering paying ad space to legitimate companies.

White hat SEO refers to acceptable SEO techniques, such as writing quality content including strong keywords, having your content featured on other legitimate sites, getting back-links posted on related sites and generally optimizing your page. White hat SEO techniques are discussed everywhere on the

Internet, and you can easily learn about them by joining a seminar or doing more research. White hat SEO techniques target people who are likely to be interested in your products and compete fairly with other sites.

Most Internet users recognize black hat SEO methods; usually, the content is poorly written and does not correspond to what they were expecting. Most users know how to avoid these ads and do not click on any suspicious links. Using questionable SEO techniques is not a good way to gain the confidence of your customers; no one will buy anything from you if you are perceived as desperate enough to use black hat SEO techniques.

Black hat techniques can reach out to more Internet users but they do not allow you to establish a positive relationship with your customers. With black hat SEO, you are basically tricking people into clicking a link and exposing them to your content, even if it does not correspond to what they need. These techniques are profitable if you make your money thanks to ad space or programs such as AdSense. However, if you sell products and want to establish yourself as a trustworthy online business, stick to accepted SEO practices.

Using black hat SEO techniques is basically a violation of the terms and services of most search engines and web hosting services. This means your page will not be indexed in search results and your web hosting service might decide to terminate your account. If anyone complains about your SEO methods, your online business will be shut off. Sticking to acceptable SEO techniques is a much smarter decision; search engines will index your pages and you will eventually rank higher in search results for your keywords without ever having to worry about facing legal consequences or losing your online business overnight.

Organic SEO is basically a technical approach of SEO. Organic SEO covers the use of strategic keywords in function of search volumes and competition, or the creation of an XML site map to help search engine spiders navigate your site. These techniques do not go against term and conditions when used properly. Do not hesitate to include these technical strategies into your SEO campaign, as long as you also write quality content.

Black hat SEO techniques might look tempting, but you will never develop a successful online business with this philosophy. Stick to acceptable practices instead!


  1. The thought never occurred to me lie about links. Craziness!